Sari Botton

SARI BOTTON is a writer living in Kingston, NY. She is the editor of the award-winning anthology Goodbye to All That: Writers on Loving and Leaving New York and its follow-up Never Can Say Goodbye: Writers on Their Unshakable Love for New York. She has worked as a journalist, essayist, New York Times best-selling ghostwriter, and teacher of various kinds of writing at the college level, and for the Moth-style storytelling non-profit TMI Project. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, New York Magazine, The Village Voice, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, More, The Rumpus, plus other publications and anthologies.

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Sari Botton at The Strand Bookstore with guest writers, reading and discussing
Goodbye To All That

Sari Botton at Housing Works

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On December 2nd, 2013 Sari Botton, editor of the essay collection Goodbye to All That teamed up with Vol. 1 Brooklyn to host “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?” an event about the unique ambivalence that comes with living in New York City. Writers Mike Albo, Emily Gould, Alexander Chee, Chloe Caldwell, Anna Holmes, Choire Sicha, Jon-Jon Goulian, Michelle Dean, Elissa Bassist, and Isaac Fitzgerald told stories about the love and hate they’ve felt for New York during their time there. Here is the evening in its entirety for a special full-event podcast.

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